Model Making and Prototyping

  • Three-dimensional CNC high-speed milled models
  • Conventional model making

   Materials: wood, synthetic materials, metal

Rapid Prototyping:

  • LOM (laminated object manufacturing) 
  • Milled moulds (production of big-sized castings without models)
    5-axis high speed processing centre
    30 KW motor spindle, 20 000 U/min,
    max. feed velocity: 150 m/min

    Traverse paths:
    x-axis    13 500 mm (longitudinal axis)
    y-axis      4 000 mm (traverse axis)
    z-axis      2 250 mm (vertical axis)
    A-axis:    ± 270°   (rotational axis)
    B-axis:    +110° -90° (swivel axis)


We offer these procedures as single
services as well.



Gefrästes Kunststoffmodell 
Milled model of synthetic material


Wind channel model

Prototypenmodell aus KBM
Prototype made of KBM

Direktformfräsen Formunterkasten
CNC processing of a half mould

Direktformfräsen Kern
CNC processing of a core

Milling of a model (HSM Modal)